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Crumbs for London

We all need a roof over our head, but years of bad policies have benefitted wealthy landlords more than ordinary Londoners.

House prices average £441,000

That's 16 times the average local individual income.

You'd struggle to get a mortgage on more than 5 times your income.

Rents average £1,300 pcm

That's 50% of average household take-home pay.

Anything over 35% of your take-home pay (after tax) is considered to be unaffordable.

42,260 households are homeless

2,340 of them are living in Bed & Breakfasts.

More and more people are becoming homeless when their tenancy ends.

How broken is your local housing market?

Other political parties say they will build enough homes to solve the problem. But...

Two thirds of new homes are sold to investors

The average Londoner could only afford around 3% of new homes currently on the market in London. Lots of new flats are built for the benefit of investors, who get the first chance to buy them and can afford the astronomical prices. This is an excerpt from a real advert!

You're left renting the homes

We end up having to rent these overpriced new homes from investor-landlords, with some of the weakest tenancy protections in Europe, unregulated rents rising three times as fast as incomes, and awful letting agents. But investors are told...

We've been losing social housing

Thousands of council homes are unnecessarily demolished to make way for new private housing, and councils have let developers build far too little new social housing, so they struggle to help homeless families. But investors are told...

Only Greens will fight for:

Taxes on wealthy investors

We will campaign for fairer taxes like Land Value Tax to discourage investors from buying new homes, helping to stabilise prices. We should be building homes for Londoners, not assets for investors.

A fairer deal for tenants

We will push for more secure tenancies and smart controls to stabilise rents. We cannot leave a quarter of Londoners in the wild west of Europe's private rental market while we wait for new homes to be built.

Prioritise affordable housing

We will take a tougher stance with developers to make sure they build more affordable housing, and stop demolishing existing homes. We should massively increase investment in new social housing.

Greens have already changed housing policy in London for the common good:

Have a look at Darren Johnson's Crumbs for Londoners report to learn more.

You can join us, and many other housing campaigners, tenants groups and NGOs, in changing our housing policy so it works for the common good, not just for the narrow interests of investors.

1. Join the campaign

2. Join a protest

We're going to organise a string of protests outside new homes being built for investors.

The first were outside Mount Pleasant in Islington, and the Arthouse building in Camden. Join the campaign to get the details for future actions!


3. Help us elect Greens

Without a Green in the room, these issues and arguments won't necessarily be heard.

Can you help deliver leaflets, knock doors, or contribute to the costs of our election campaign? We are mostly funded by ordinary Londoners, we don't take money from corporations or have lots of rich backers.

Find your local party and contact them to get more involved.

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